Do you want to train a fun and effective self-defence?

Simple and effective techniques:
– Use the opponent’s power for personal gain without pain – balance refraction – movement.
– A comprehensive exercise for body and soul.
– Nice and relaxed training partners.
– We have trainings for children, teenagers and adults.


In Jujitsu, you learn blockages, grip, precipitates, caste and event falls. We practice defence against common attacks forms: restraints, stranglehold, punches and kicks.

Besides Jujitsu practice and learning effective self-defence, this training is also a good form of exercise that provides better fitness and strength, leading to an increased well-being and self-confidence.

Durewall six main principles


Protection means that the defender protect him/herself during the attack and is prepared in case of another attack. He/she must never be placed in a worse position than at the starting position.


Balance means that the defender strive to have full control over its body during the whole defence as he/she puts the attacker off balance.


Movement means that the defender uses its entire motion system so that new positions are created to be used for the defence. Correct movement pattern eliminates the need for brutal strength.


The defender with body language and marked movements shows determination in his defense.


Softness means that the defender does not use more force than required, but instead accompany or go around the attacker’s force and direction.


Consideration means that the defender uses the defence that, with respect to the attacker’s age, gender, or physical status and the surrounding environment, seem appropriate and gentlest possible in that particular situation. The Durewall main principles are summarised in Swedish Jujitsu Federation’s basic principle.

” To with minimum force,
achieve maximum impact,
without causing pain or injury ”


Alongside Jujitsu training, one has the opportunity to practice judo for more martial emphasised training. We don not train Judo as self-defence, but as a good and fun fight training with a low risk of injury. We integrate judo training in the regular training sessions and also organise regular weekend camps for those who want more training.

Judo training includes throws and takedowns in standing fight and restraints, arm locks and punches on the mat.

Important dates:

  • 28/3 – 4/4 – jiujitsu classes are cancelled due to Ester and school break.
  • 9/5 – jiujitsu classes are cancelled due to a holiday.