Durewall Jujitsu

Kurt Durewall has practiced Jujitsu since 1938 and was rated in 1959 as the first Swedish black belt (1 dan Jujitsu). This occurred during a stay in the US, by the Japanese Kiyose Nakae.

DurewallThe style of Jujitsu he then trained was a traditional martial-oriented style which, among others, built its techniques of inflicting harm or pain. Durewall later became witness to a fight where two people hit each other to pieces. Despite their injuries, they continued to attack each other. Durewall then decided to seek a more effective self-defence that would work even when the attacker was insensitive to pain, and as far as possible without harming the attacker. The new motto was that “When someone attacks, he is your enemy – when you, with your skills, is defending you, he is a friend that you must protect ‘.

This method was introduced in the Swedish Judo Federation, current Swedish Budo and Martial Arts Federation, where Kurt Durewall was the head instructor of self-defence committee.

In 1969, he left and other top leaders in Jiujitsun SBM for freer to develop and disseminate modern and humane Jiujitsu. On January 4, 1971, the Swedish Jujitsu Federation (SJF) was founded.

SJF’s Jujitsu is now a very versatile system that is an extremely effective self-defence. The following SJF’s principles may automatically also a better working techniques. Based Jujitsu principles have Kurt Durewall systematised an ergonomic working methods and nourishing protection technology, via Durewall Institute brought out all over Scandinavia. Jujitsu means, literally translated from Japanese to Swedish, soft technology and have been meaning to give way to win, that is to succumb to the attacker’s power and use it against him. This way, you get an effective self-defence without having to increase its own power operation.

From the beginning, Jujitsu the Japanese samurai martial arts. A brutal fighting style, intended to harm or kill an opponent in battle without weapons.

Durewall2Today’s Jujitsu is significantly different from the traditional Japanese, when in a self-defence situation has many rights but now in modern times, although of course lots of obligations. Kurt Durewall (10 dan Jujitsu, 3rd dan Judo) has over 60 years developed a form of self-protection that is tailored to the Swedish constitution of violence and threats of violence. The law says that you shall not use more force than the need requires. In other words, you should always endeavor to use the violence that causes the least harm. With Durewall, Jujitsu learn to follow the law by always endeavor to use the self-defence that gives the best protection possible and cause the least possible damage.

Stockholm Jujitsu Club

Stockholm Jujitsu Club is a nonprofit organisation founded in 1984. We are connected to both the Swedish Jujitsu Federation as the National Sports Confederation.

The club has since then engaged in training around Stockholm. Since 1995, our Dojo on Västmannagatan 59, at Odenplan, Stockholm. We have there a training mat of 150 square meters and conducts training several days a week. We also have children and training groups for persons with disabilities. In addition to regular workouts, the club organizes several training camps each semester. The camps usually contain some form of special interest, such as defence against different types of weapons or courses in self-defence for women.