Stockholm jujitsu club is a completely non-profit organisation where all proceeds go to the operation and maintenance of premises and the club’s development. None of the instructors or directors receive compensationS for their time and commitment necessary for the club to be maintained and developed. Worth thinking is that we do not make use of any profit activities such as lotto, sausage or newsstand sales as most other compounds forcing its members. We welcome and encourage with open arms both financial support and commitment.
You as a parent or person in charge has always the ultimately responsibility for your child/children. Whether you are in the room or not. We have absolute zero tolerance towards bullying and disrespect towards training partners.


All beginners pay 100 kr for the first occurrences of two trial trainings. Will you then continue, this is pulled off from the tuition fee. We are welcome all beginners during two first months of each term.

Parents traning in adults group whos children also train have 300 kr discount per family.
Discount for siblings : 400 kr.

Price list 2021:

Children under 6 years : 1500 kr
Children 7-13 years : 1800 kr
Students / unemployed : 1800 kr
Adults and teenagers from age of 14 years : 2100 kr

Payable on bankgiro 5666-0467 in the begining of each term (we do not send invoices home).

Schedules and Groups

Kid Jitsu class : 4-6 years, Sundays 17:00-17:45

Here, the focus is on movement, coordination and cooperation. Parents are welcome to join in on the mat with their kids, try it for themselves or together. The idea is that the children will recognise techniques if they continue to the older groups and of course have fun with much laughter.
In this group, there is no requirement history of traditional costume, but soft pants and a long sleeved shirt goes well. The children are not graded. It is also important to contact us before you come down and try it on – the group can be full. You are always welcome down to watch.

Children: 7-13 years, Tuesdays & Thursdays, 17:30-18:30

Here it is much more focus on techniques. We start thinking self-defence. How to behave on the mat is essential.
You are a beginner untill the yellow belt. We begin with a white belt, then white with red line and then yellow. We put some responsibility on your parents how you want the children to develop on the mat. There are books to buy for the cost price, which you can read at home to get a better understanding of jiujitsu and remembering techniques.

Adults and teenagers: fr. 14 years, Tuesdays & Thursdays, 18:30-20:00

Here we go bang on. Self-defence ! Although it becomes a plodding with basic techniques back and forth, so there is still: self defence mind ! We also place responsibility on the individual, how you want to develop, how many passes you practice per week and how many camps you want to go to. There are books to buy to study at home.
You are a beginner until the yellow belt. We begin with a white belt, then white with red line and then yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, black, red. Worth considering is that we do not compete in our jujitsu-style. The focus is on self-defence and the training is completely unpretentious, always with room for laughter. Here we train together regardless of personal goals with the training, reaching the top or exercise.

Judo: Sundays 17.45-19:00


Our trainers

Anders Angur

Grade : 3 dan Jujitsu, 1 dan Judo.
Instructor Grade : special instructor.

Bartosz Górka

Grade : 1 dan Jujitsu.
Instructor Grade : federation instructor (förbundsinstruktör).

Kenth Bergström

Grade : 1 dan Jujitsu, 1 kyu Judo.
Instructor Grade : candidate.

Mika Viinamäki

Grade : 1 kyu Jujitsu.
Instructor Grade : candidate.